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| Software Developer

kevonI am full time software developer and part time freelance web developer. In my spare time I develop WordPress plugins and mobile applications. My web portfolio can be seen at k3designz.com/portfolio. Download my most recent Android application and tell me what you think of it. Learn about my first WordPress plugin at wpabstracts.com

Languages: Java, PHP, ASP.Net, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS


Web Design

| Details @ k3designz.com

As a freelance web developer I utilize my spare time developing websites that not only look great, but websites that communicate well. Before the first line of code is written, I take the time to carefully understand my client’s business goals, then I effectively deploy the technologies needed to accomplish that goal.

The most rewarding part of delivering a completed website on time is to hear my client say three simple words – “I love it!”.

For more information about my web design services and portfolio visit k3designz.com. Lets get started with your new website!


| My first Wordpress plugin

wpabstractsWP Abstracts allows website owners to create multiple events, conferences or categories to manage submissions of abstracts and manuscripts. Site administrators may allow front-end registered user submissions and abstracts review by simply creating a page and inserting the [ wpabstracts ] shortcode.

Visit WPAbstracts.com


| My first public App


Whiteboard is an easy to use feature rich application that allows users to draw, write or paint on the surface of your phone or tablet. User may then save and continue work, share drawings to Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail and more.
Easily change pencil size and color, add emboss or blur on drawings and save drawings to the gallery when completed.


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Drop me a line anytime at email@kevonadonis.com

For Support:

Web Design: support@k3designz.com
WP Abstracts: support@wpabstracts.com